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Jonathan Jackson
(Lucky Spencer)

Jonathan Jackson joined the cast of General Hospital in 1993 to play the energetic and adventurous son of Luke and Laura Spencer (Anthony Geary and Genie Francis), daytime television's most famous couple. Since then, Jonathan has won 2 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actor in 1995 and 1997. In 1995, he also received a Soap Opera Award as Outstanding Child Actor, as well as The Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award in both 1995 and 1997. 


Question: How long do you plan on staying w/ GH? Hope forever! From Stephanie, PA 

Jonathan: My first contract was for three years. I plan on staying at least for another year or two. 

Question: What is it like to work with Becky Herbst? Is it awkward to work with because of the age difference? 

Jonathan: Not at all. She's a very nice person and I've enjoyed all the storyline stuff they've given us. We get along very well on and off the set. 

Question: So what every girl wants to know that is in this room...Do you have a girlfriend? 

Jonathan: No, not at the moment. 

Question: How do you feel about your performance in your upcoming movie -- Deep End of the Ocean? 

Jonathan: I haven't gotten the chance to see the film yet. I was very pleased with how the filming went and I'm looking forward to seeing it. It should be fun. 

Question: Are you really going to be in Johnny Tremain? 

Jonathan: No, that was something that was going to happen but it didn't work out. 

Question: Of all the things you have acted in, what was your favorite role? 

Jonathan: That's a tough one. In movies, I would say Vincent -- my character in the Deep End of the Ocean. For TV, it's Lucky by far. 

Question: How do you feel about the Spencer's storyline on GH? 

Jonathan: I've been very excited about the direction they're going with on that. Lucky's relationship with Liz, his feelings about his parents. It's been very different and very fun to do. 

Question: I saw you on Boy Meets World, do you think you'll be on any other TV sitcoms? 

Jonathan: That was the first sitcom I had done. Don't have any more planned at the moment, though. 

Question: On General Hospital, are you going to forgive your parents? 

Jonathan: There's alot of stuff that needs to be worked through before that happens. 

Question: Jonathan, this is Katie and Melissa from Florida, we had a really great time meeting you at the Emmys!! The cast seemed very close-knit and friendly. Who do you hang around with from GH? 

Jonathan: I get to hang around with Tony Geary (Luke) sometimes. We're really good friends. I also see Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Becky Herbst. The whole cast really is friendly with each other. 

Question: What is it like working on soap operas? 

Jonathan: It's very fast paced. There about 70 pages of dialogue done each day. It keeps you on your toes. 

Question: I'm one of your biggest fans and would love to meet you. Are you planning on making any appearances in Chicago and if not can you think about making one here? 

Jonathan: I'll be participating in Vote America in Washington state at the end of June. Nothing planned for Chicago but I'd love to come there sometime. 

Question: I was just wondering if you go to school on a regular basis or if you have your own personal tutor? 

Jonathan: When I'm working on GH, I have a tutor on the set. When I'm not on the set, I basically do it at home and go at my own pace. 

Question: Do you ever come online to see what the fans think about GH or are you not into computers? 

Jonathan: No, I don't go online. Just haven't done it yet. 

Question: Hey Mr. Jonathan Jackson. I saw you yesterday at Universal City Walk, but I respect your space so I stayed away, do you often get spotted in public? 

Jonathan: It was nice of you to think of that when you saw me. If people are polite, I don't mind being approached for autographs. It's fun to talk to people, if they are nice about it. 

Question: Do you enjoy playing "Lucky" on General Hospital? 

Jonathan: Absolutely. It's been a great ride since day one. The character has grown a lot and they've given me the chance to play a lot of different stories with a lot of different people. It's been a blast. 

Question: Jonathan, I understand your brother is in the business too -- any competitiveness between you two or jealousy? 

Jonathan: When we first started four years ago, there was a lot of sibling rivalry. Over the years, we've grown to respect each other's work. He is my best friend and we are past the rivalry. 

Question: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Jonathan: I like to play guitar and sing, listen to music. I like to write. My brother and I have written some scripts. I like to play pool and basketball. 

Question: Hi Jonathan, hope you're having a good day :) Did you enjoy working with Michelle Pfeiffer (sp?) in The Deep End of the Ocean? Was it cool? 

Jonathan: It was very cool. I've always respected her work. It was a privilege to work with her. She is so down to earth and nice. It was a great experience. 

Question: Do you have any long term goals, or do you take life as it comes? 

Jonathan: Kind of a balance of the two. It's good to have goals, but it's also good to live in the moment and be thankful for what you have. 

Question: Did you always want to be an actor? 

Jonathan: I didn't think about it until I was nine or ten. I always wanted to be a basketball or baseball player. 

Question: What are your hopes for the future? Do you think when it's time, you'll go to college, or will you continue to act? 

Jonathan: I think college is very important. I'm not sure what I will do when the time comes. It depends on where my career is at that time. Education is a very important thing, however. 

Question: If there was any part, in any role that you could play, what would it be? 

Jonathan: That's tough one! I've always wanted to do a western. 

Question: What was it like to win the Emmy again this year? 

Jonathan: It was very exciting. I hadn't won the last two years. It was nice winning being older and having more experience and more knowledge of acting. 

Question: Hi Jonathan, Congratulations on your latest Emmy win! How is your CD selling? I heard a bit of it on the internet, sounds great! 

Jonathan: Thanks. It's been selling on the internet. We decided not to hook up with a record company at this point. We're having a lot of fun with it and it's selling well. 

Question: I love the show, how did you get started on it? 

Jonathan: I moved to LA in 1993 from Washington. I got an agent and she started sending me out. She sent me to audition for GH and I landed the role. 

Question: I just wanted to say that you are great and that I totally love what the writers are giving you to do. You play it well. My question is: Do you like what they are doing with Lucky's character? If you were a writer would you change anything? 

Jonathan: I think all actors would change stuff once in a while. I'm really happy with what they're giving me now. I wouldn't change anything in any major way. 

Question: Tell us about Anthony he really as down to earth as he seems to be and do you all have a good relationship off the set? Has he had any influence on your soap career? 

Jonathan: He has always been incredibly generous and kind to me. He's been like a teacher. 

Question: I listened to some of the .wav files of your band. You guys sound really good. Do you play any live gigs anywhere? 

Jonathan: We don't have anything scheduled right now. My dad is running for Congress and he is also in the band. It's hard getting him off the campaign trail. We are planning on making another album at the end of the year, though. 

Question: Are you and Lizzy going to get together as a couple? 

Jonathan: It's a rumor that I've been hearing. Could be an exciting summer. 

Question: Have you been on any other soaps? 

Jonathan: No. GH is my first and probably only. It's too much like home to leave for another soap. 

Question: Who is your favorite person to be in a scene with, on General Hospital? 

Jonathan: That changes from day to day. Tony is always great. With the new story, I've had the opportunity to do some good scenes with Becky. It was also great when Genie Francis (Laura) came back. 

Question: I think that you're a great actor! What was your most favorite storyline that you've done? 

Jonathan: I like the new storyline with Lucky and Liz. Also, the Spencer family blowing up. I also enjoyed LuLu being born. 

Question: Lately alot of people have been comparing you to Leonardo DiCaprio. Is that getting old yet? I think you are a MUCH better actor than him. 

Jonathan: Thank you. It's getting a little old but you kind of expect that. I consider it a compliment. Eventually, however, it all comes down to everybody being their own person. 

Question: How is your Dad's congressional campaign coming? Is there anything I can do to help? 

Jonathan: It's going well. You can tell anyone who lives in Washington state to vote for him. 

Question: Do you like the way your character has changed lately? 

Jonathan: From an acting standpoint, it is fun to do those scenes. It is hard, however, to see him be so mean to his parents. 

Question: Who is your favorite screen actor/actress? 

Jonathan: I really like Daniel Day Lewis, James Dean. Michelle Pfieffer is great. Robert Duvall is really cool. 

Question: Jonathan, what do you like doing more, acting on tv or in movies? 

Jonathan: They are very different. There are parts I love about both and parts I could do without. I'm very happy being on GH, but I would also like to do more movies. 

Question: Jonathan, do you feel that because of your being a star at such a young age, you've missed out on alot of "teen things?" 

Jonathan: I don't look at it that way. I see it as me having been given the opportunity to do a lot of things other people don't at a young age. 

Question: What was your very first acting job? 

Jonathan: The very first thing I did was a commercial for Albertsons grocery stores. GH was my first big job. 

Question: What is your typical day like? p.s. I love the chemistry between you and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) - the reason I started watching GH is I saw the party/picnic last summer w/ all the teenagers... :) I love GH and you! 

Jonathan: A typical day would be arriving at GH around 7:30 or 8. Do some schoolwork. Wait around a little bit. Do about five or six scenes a day and then go home in the afternoon. 

Question: How is the character of Lucky like or dislike you? 

Jonathan: Well, we look rather similar! Lucky is a lot more black and white in his personality. I try to have more gray areas. He either likes or hates something. We both, however, fight for the people we are close to. 

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